As the market leader in its segment, Telem offers the most complete product line for lighting, audio, video, and scenographic technology for theaters, cinemas, auditoriums, TV and photographic studios, conference rooms, stages, architecture lighting, corporate events and show business.


Telem has worked with complete solutions in the scenographic technology for more than 60 years. In addition to self-manufactured products of high performance and technology, Telem represents the main international brands of the sector in Brazil, meeting all market needs.


Telem is present at the most important cultural and corporate spaces and also designs and manufactures special products developed according to the specific needs of each client and project.

In the segment of works and services, Telem designs, builds and assembles all sorts of products and scenographic systems for theaters, cinemas, auditoriums, and conference room, as the sole Brazilian company equipped to operate under the turnkey system, offering definite and complete solutions in scenographic technology.


To do so, Telem relies on an active engineering department, responsible for the development and accompaniment of projects and special projects that, along with other factors, is one of the main differentials of the company and qualifies it to be the market leader.


By means of the service area, which contemplates the assembly and installation, corrective and preventive maintenance, equipment activation, technical assistance and training, the company adds expressive value to its products, increasing even more the reliability of its systems.